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Interested in joining one of the first international student film festivals held in Australia?  If you are a student from Macquarie University and would like to gain experience in the film industry, we are currently recruiting more volunteers to join our team.


Find out more about each role and information on how to apply here!

Festival Director

  • Responsible for the logistic coordination and organisation of the festival, overseeing all decision-making.

  • Liaise with the Festival Managing Director and be the first point of contact for all student volunteers. 

  • Work closely with the university ensuring all necessary information is provided to the team.

  • Organise and manage food and beverage requirements, liaising with vendors and other stakeholders.


Festival Producer

  • Assist the Festival Director and Festival Managing Director, overseeing all decision-making and logistics.

  • Equipment coordination 

  • Create the festival run sheet

  • Coordinate with festival volunteers 

  • Entertainment management


Head of Guest Relations

  • Liaise with special guests before and during the festival.

  • Coordinate guest speakers, alumni and filmmakers. 

  • Monitoring guest movement during the festival

  • Oversee guest interviews, events, etc.


Head of Sponsorships

  • Secure festival sponsors and partners, liaising with them leading up to the festival.

  • Work closely with Awards and Judging to set festival prizes.


Head of Marketing and Communications

  • Develop and implement the overall marketing strategy.

  • Ensure the success of festival promotion and international audience engagement.

  • Work closely with the Marketing, Video Production and Creative Design teams.

  • Monitor festival website and social media presence. 


Marketing Team

  • Work closely with the Head of Marketing and Communications to develop and execute the overall marketing strategy. 



  • In charge of documenting festival behind the scenes and events.

  • Work closely with Marketing and Video Production teams.


Video Production Team

  • Create content for social media and the festival website, working closely with Marketing and Communications.


Creative Design Team

  • Design distinct visual branding for the festival, working closely with Marketing and Communications.

  • Create marketing collateral: festival programmes, posters, flyers, merch, social media posts, etc. 

  • Maintain website visuals


Head of Awards and Judging

  • Manage submissions, ensuring all films are organised into their respective categories for judging. 

  • Organise and coordinate jury.

  • Keep open communication with filmmakers. 

  • Organise prizes and their presentation at the awards ceremony. 


Head of Ticketing and Online Events

  • Oversee festival ticketing 

  • Ensure that online events (e.g. live streams, VOD) run smoothly.

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