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It is essential that you read through the following guidelines carefully before submitting your film to Black Snapper. If you have any questions once you have read the following information, please contact us at

1. General Information

1.1 Submissions will remain open until 23:59 AEST on 30 September 2023. We reserve the right to close the submission platform at an earlier date. We recommend submitting your film as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

1.2 Upon submission, the filmmakers agree that their films can be included in promotional activity and publicity material shared by Black Snapper International Film Festival and its sponsors and partners.

2. Eligibility

2.1 All short films must have a total running time that is between 2 and 23 minutes.

2.2 All films must either be in English or subtitled in English.

2.3 All films must have completed production no earlier than January 2020.

2.4 We will accept no more than two submissions from each filmmaker above the line.

2.5 Films may only be submitted to Black Snapper once. We will not consider films that have been amended from previous submissions.

2.6 Entrants under 18 years of age must have their films either submitted by their school or with consent from a parent and/or guardian.

2.7 Films submitted must be student films.

2.8 Black Snapper defines 'student' as those who are in full or part-time education at any age or those who graduated no earlier than 2020. Proof of student enrolment in the form of a student ID will be required at the submissions stage.

3. Submission Procedure

3.1 Submissions must be made online via Black Snapper’s FilmFreeway page or PDF submission form with all the required information.

3.2 All entrants must specify the year in which their film was made.

3.3 Entrants must submit their film to the most appropriate genre category. Entrants must only select one genre.

3.4 If selected, entrants will be asked to provide a media package with film stills and production stills which may be used for festival marketing. The media package should also consist of: a film synopsis, cast and crew bios, headshot of the director, film poster, FAQs audiences might have, awards won (if applicable), reviews, and technical information. 

3.5  If selected, entrants will be required to provide a high quality master file for screening. Our preferred format is ProRes 422 HQ. DCP will not be accepted. 

3.6 We do not pay screening fees to filmmakers or distributors.

3.7  Entries which do not comply with the Black Snapper guidelines will be disqualified

4. Final Selection

4.1 Upon submission, every film will be previewed by the Selection Committee for eligibility.

4.2 The Selection Committee may re-categorise the submitted film into a more suitable Genre category.

4.3 Films will be considered according to the following criteria: excellence in executing its creative function.

4.4.1 If your film is nominated for awards, a member of your team may be asked to attend the Awards Ceremony on 1st December 2023 either online or in-person.

4.4.2 We cannot guarantee that we can cover costs for travel and accommodation to enable nominees to attend in person.

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